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Time:12:05 pm
 i think i've forgotten how to write.
or who i was and what i worried about.
i have awhole new set of problems now.
its been raining for over a week i think 
and i love it.
sinners & saints

Time:08:10 pm
Current Mood:loved<3
sooooooo lj, how goes it?

new favourite things:

so life is ok.
sinners & saints

Time:04:53 pm
still want to be in the snow.
saw dallas green.
want to move to melbourne.
if i dont do illicit substances my serotonin level is negativenegativenegative and i want to die.
do illicit substances and my serotonin level is plusplusplus and its ok.
yes thats right.
wish dave still had liquid mdma, might suss that shit out.
have to go to de-esculation training tomorrow cos our patients are complete violent/sexually inappropriate and i want to smack all of them in the face.
i have shit veins.
the end
sinners & saints

Time:11:26 am
pretty much don't want to be here,
want to be back here.....

although i do get to see dallas green next week. sigh. babbbbe
sinners & saints

Current Music:florence
Time:06:21 pm
Current Mood:sleepyface
james & i went down to byron last week to see anitas band play...& you know, ended up going swimming with anitas new friend, sarah blasko. xxoo
i am leaving the country in 44 days & have OH $77 saved. that doesn't include the money i need for christmas & my passport & bills & uh living. fuck my life.
but i am waiting for james to come over for dinner & then we are going for a swim & boozey good times.....even though i have to work at 6.30am tomorrow BLERGH!

i want these measuring cups

& this tea towel

drunks lovers/sinners & saints

Current Music:funeral for a friend
Time:07:34 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
i had an amazing breakfast meet up with tyson this morning, where somewhere in all our words, i realised that although i am slightly irrational and paranoid at times, i'm not totally crazy.
and that has totally turned my whole mood/attitude around.

i miss that boy.
more than i should.
too much.

I can't feel the same, I can't feel this way
I can't feel the same about you anymore
sinners & saints

Time:10:51 am
conversations&sex&breathing&maybe life is pretty fucking boring and depressing and stressful when you are not blocking it out with alcohol or illegal drugs.  only taking drugs the doctor gives me and they are not helping...well the endone is but nothing else.
realised i am leaving the country in about eight weeks and have like zero dollars. england, ireland, france, germany, poland, czech republic, italy. i'm not really interested in half of those places but having family there and paying zero dollars for accomodation makes it ok.  made the stupid mistake of arriving home from london on feb 3 then going to melbourne the next day.  oh well.  at least i can sleepsleepsleep at my auntys for a day or two.
went and saw anitas band again last nite. lovelove.
its hard to be angry or stay mad at someone for grumpyface reasons that i can never remember, when they insist on spooning you all nite. 
i am frustrated about alot of things lately.  trying to fix everything, but not fixing much at all.
i have wierd dreams about people that i never see anymore. i miss them.
sinners & saints

Current Music:mapletons
Time:09:53 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
i'm too little to be the big spoon.
i cannot stop sneezing.
i want to live in a loft style apartment.
i need this...

and a ticket to cat power...because i love that little drunk.
my body fucking hates me and the pill and i don't want to take it anymore.
have watched somersault too much this week.
my ankle fucking hurts as much as it did this time last year, and i wish i was still on endone.
might go back to the specialist to suss that shit out.
need to clean my room and do all my washing.

went and saw anitas band last nite at rics, they are so cute

i think thats all for now.

sinners & saints

Subject:i've never met a more impossible girl
Time:06:48 am
i don't want to be delilah anymore.
drunks lovers/sinners & saints

Time:09:39 am
need to get my shit together.  i think half my problem is that i have too much spare time.  blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
so james, kristen, jen and i have decided to join the gym opposite work.  don't know how that will go.  i drink too much.
last nite i was meant to go out with jerks from work, but instead james and i went to sizzler and laughed at these preggo bitches half filling their glasses with vodka cruisers and the rest with lemonade. lame.
still don't know what to do about next year, might do education since its only a year...social work seems too hard and people are complete psychos that i think i would get all up in their face instead of doing my job. people frustrate me.  then go overseas and teach/nanny.  i have a friend doing it and shes having a blast.  or fucking try and get all my degree credited to i can be an EEN.  i've been saying that for like three years now.  fuck i am lazy.
maybe i need to move the fuck out of brisbane, oh ive been saying that forever as well.  because staying here i achieve nothing, because i am not pushed to do anything, because i am secure here.  i want to move to melbourne.  why am i such a fucking baby.
stephen has sent me a barrage of texts over the past few days confessing his fucking love for me amongst other things, i reply, but i just ignore the love part. and the i miss you part.  god. it seems like once i get what i want (not that i ever really wanted it) i dont want it anymore.  i am fucking retarded.

aveda hair products remind me of 2007.
i am going down the coast now.
drunks lovers/sinners & saints

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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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